Over the years I have been fortunate to work with some creative and talented people in the type and graphic design industry. Through them, I developed professional skills and gained valuable experience. Below are some of their comments...

"Diane Collier, Kigali Designs, has been a vendor for Microsoft for several years. During that time she has worked on over 100 different fonts for the Office product. The scope of work Diane performed for Microsoft was cleaning up outlines, adding missing glyphs and hinting. The quality of Diane's work and her timely delivery has been a great credit to her talent, attention to detail, and hard work. I would strongly recommend Diane." Paul Nelson, Lead Type Developer, Microsoft Typography

"Diane, great job! You are the best. Thanks so much for all you do for us."
Leslie Costello, Director, Essex Art Center

"Diane is a talented and skilled graphic artist who takes her work seriously and approaches every task as a professional. She takes pride in her designs, as she very well should. Diane is an able learner, always seeking out new and better tools to increase the efficiency of her work, and is constantly educating herself as to new processes and technology. Diane works hard to satisfy customer's requirements and tries to accommodate them whenever possible (sometimes to a fault, which is a positive point!). She provides tremendous assistance in presales situations, often walking a prospective client through the presales process to the point of closing the account. Diane is a great asset to the company." Steven Reef, Owner, Glyph Systems

"I have worked closely with Diane for over 3 years, during which time she has consistently displayed solid work ethics enhanced by her charismatic personality. Professionally Diane is one of the most self-motivated individuals I have worked with. I have been impressed with Diane's organizational skills and her high rate of work. Technically, Diane's versatility is notable; she carried a complete knowledge of computer aided design. Personally, Diane is a delight to work with. She is very cooperative and finds ease in establishing rapport with others. I would not hesitate to recommend Diane!" Kevin Mastin, Supervisor, Graphics Dept., Agfa Corporation

"The quality of her work is exceptional...Throughout all of Diane's projects, she exceeded her production schedule and had time to help other designers extensively. Diane has an extraordinary degree of enthusiasm and interest in her work, and her attitude and disposition are always excellent. Her willingness to help other designers and share her knowledge promotes and encourages teamwork in the department. Diane is an exceptional employee all around and is an extremely valuable member of the team." Robin Farren, Supervisor, Type Design Dept., Agfa Corporation

"Diane is a confident, organized and thorough designer, who consistently exceeds schedules with a very high quality of design work. She interacted well with her supervisors and peers, and tended to set her own direction in the departmental work. She will do very well in any design business." Cynthia Hollandsworth, Manager, Type Division, Agfa Corporation

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