Kigali Designs specializes in complex script font development with technical expertise in font hinting and OpenType development.

DESIGN: New outlines, updates, format conversions & custom fonts in various scripts.
OPENTYPE: OpenType layout tables for complex scripts.
HINTING: Auto hinting, black/white TrueType delta hinting and ClearType optimization.
SCRIPTS: Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Indics (Devanagari, Bengali, Sinhala, Telugu & more), Syriac, Thai, Tibetan, Uigher, and several others.
CUSTOM: Logo fonts, signature fonts, corporate and symbol fonts. Learn about the Kigali typeface.
Research & Development: New designs for various scripts/languages.
TRAINING: Personal and corporate training for font development tools: FontLab, VOLT, VTT and more. Check out my Training Videos for Microsoft VOLT and VTT.

> CLIENTS: Microsoft, Ascender Corp., Monotype Imaging, LDS Church, The Syriac Institute, Mourad Boutros, Arthur Baker Designs, Type Directors Club & TypeCon (workshops) other companies, individuals and academic institutes.


the Font Development process..

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